Marco Falanga

Passionate iOS Developer

Alles Neu Land

The official media library app for the Alles Neu Land online cultural events.

Main Features

  • HLS video streaming in different qualities ranging from 360p up to 1080p;
  • Supporting Picture in Picture for a multitasking experience;
  • Autorenewable subscription to grant unlimited access;

Alles Neu Land 01Alles Neu Land 02

My Role

This app was developed together with a backend developer. It is my first app written in SwiftUI. Our goal was to publish the app in a few weeks in order to have it available before the start of the first edition of the online event (and we succeeded! 🎉). We also wanted to test SwiftUI in production, as well as the other latest frameworks, such as: WidgetKit and Combine.

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