Marco Falanga

Passionate iOS Developer


YOUR OWN WALL creates new opportunities for relationships between artists, collectors and art galleries.

Main Features

  • Get in touch with artists, galleries and art project spaces
  • Upgrade your profile and add artworks to your wall and selections
  • Request an artwork for a specific timeframe

YOW 01

My Role


I designed and developed the iOS app using Combine and SwiftUI. I handled image caching and push notifications, and implemented Widgets.


I developed the APIs and the webpages in Server-Side Swift, using Vapor. I deployed it on Heroku and I used its addon Heroku Postgres (a database as a service based on PostgreSQL). I used AWS S3 to store images, implementing the AWS S3 Driver for the LiquidKit file storage solution. This first professional experience with Vapor gave me the chance to learn more about:

  • Authentication and JWT
  • Error handling, adding a custom error middleware
  • Fluent and PostgreSQL Driver for creating model types which represent data structures in the database
  • Leaf for generating dynamic HTML pages
  • APNS

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